12" Garden Mackerel Stainless steel garden sculpture


User Reviews

Love our fish swimming through our summer garden.

Posted by Sue and Dale Williams

These were exactly what we expected and we love supporting local artist.

fish for fountain

Posted by undefined

Our first order and we were completely satisfied with all aspects of the order including the product itself

my own school

Posted by undefined

I've wanted fish in my garden since I first saw this vendor as the Pennsylvania Horticultural show a few years ago. My daughter said, why don't you just order them?! I did and I love them.

Underwater hosta

Posted by Carol S.

I have a small shade garden with many different varieties of hosta plants. The mackerel create the effect of an underwater garden. Love how the stainless steel mackerel play with the filtered light against the green, yellow and white tones of the hosta! A must have!!

Fish in the Bamboo

Posted by Bob Cook

I bought several of the Mackerel. I put them swimming through my bamboo grove. The effect is stunning. They look like they are swimming through a kelp field. All my gardening friends are SO jealous. These are the coolest things ever. Bob in Seattle

Everyone loves the Mackerel

Posted by Kevin B

Got a mackerel to go with 2 striped bass to give them something to eat! Everyone loves the detail on the mackerel. Great gift for striper fishermen and/or gardeners from Massachusetts to Maine.

Cutting Edge Hot Product

Posted by Bob

I saw these at the Seattle Flower & Garden Show. I new I had to have them. Careful placement in the garden is very important. Be sure you use an odd number. Japanese garden rules state that odd numbers are a must. I love them. Bob in seattle

Stainless steel garden Mackerel!!!! They are 12" long and the rods are 18" .  A great complement to and of the stainless steel garden Bass. Sold individually - look best in schools of 3 or more. 




The sight of our stainless-steel garden fish — bass, salmon and mackerel — “swimming” among garden greens, flowers, shrubs and trees will bring a smile to the face of any visitor. Their neutral reflective surface provides an ideal contrast with leafy garden greenery, and they’ll continue to enchant and amuse for a lifetime because they are virtually indestructible. They won’t rust and are not affected by cold or heat. Looking for a custom shape? Simply bend their bodies by pressing them over a firm, rounded surface. The illusion of movement seems to grow stronger if you place them in a school of three or more. To install, simply press their mounting rods into the ground. Vary positions occasionally to keep viewers guessing where the fish will swim next!