35" Stainless Steel Wall Tuna

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This 35" Stainless Steel Wall Tuna is handmade in Maine using high-quality stainless steel and then burnished to a shine. The metal is curved, and has two 1” hang tabs on the back that can be used to hang the sculpture on any wall – interior or exterior.

This gleaming stainless steel tuna sculpture is highly reflective and attracts attention hanging from any vertical surface, inside or out, all year long. The 1'' easy-to-use hang tabs on the back hold the fish a generous inch away from the wall, allowing the sculpture to cast shadows that follow the sun, adding to the illusion of motion.

This 35" Stainless Steel Wall Tuna is sold individually.

Please note:
This Stainless Steel Wall Tuna is 35" long, and looks best in a school with the 30” and 23” tuna. Please call (207) 797-2988 or email to customize a large school.

Fish in the Garden stainless steel sculptures

  • Made by Maine artist, Tyson M. Weiss in Windham, Maine
  • Nearly indestructible – leave out all year long – will not rust
  • Burnished finish is permanent and does not fade through the seasons
  • Different by design – each stainless steel tuna sculpture is crafted and finished by hand, so the details of each finished garden sculpture vary slightly

How to display your fish

  • Mount these beauties anywhere you want to see a whimsical flash of fish art.
  • Place your stainless steel hanging wall sculpture on the side of your house, over a fireplace, on the exterior of a greenhouse, heading up a staircase, over your garage doors… They can “swim” across virtually any vertical surface.
  • Displaying your stainless steel tuna in groups of 3+ more creates the most fluid look and has the biggest visual impact
  • Grow your school – the more fish you have, the better your display will look
4.00 LBS
35.00 (in)
15.00 (in)
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