User Reviews

SS Stripers

Posted by Dave

We are very happy with the fish. We live on the upper Chesapeake Bay and we often pursue the reel thing in the Bay. Our only complaint is how they were packed for shipment - flimsy cardboard package. So, the fish arrived somewhat "bent". We accepted shipment and were able to bend the fish to the proper shapes.

Wonderfully unique

Posted by undefined

These fish have been swimming in our front garden for more than five years. While we take them in during the winter, they remain as beautiful as the day they arrived. Thought they were a great investment in a Maine artist.


Posted by Ken S.

Pricey but beautiful. Even though it"s below freezing the "fish" are in the garden next to the pond reminding us of the wonders of Spring and Summer.




The sight of our stainless-steel garden fish — bass, salmon and mackerel — “swimming” among garden greens, flowers, shrubs and trees will bring a smile to the face of any visitor. Their neutral reflective surface provides an ideal contrast with leafy garden greenery, and they’ll continue to enchant and amuse for a lifetime because they are virtually indestructible. They won’t rust and are not affected by cold or heat. Looking for a custom shape? Simply bend their bodies by pressing them over a firm, rounded surface. The illusion of movement seems to grow stronger if you place them in a school of three or more. To install, simply press their mounting rods into the ground. Vary positions occasionally to keep viewers guessing where the fish will swim next!