About Us

 Below:  Maine Artist Tyson M. Weiss   


  Mission:   At Fish in the Garden our mission is to create new, unique and creative home and garden accents. Our design focuses on the visual –cerebral sensations of ‘flow’ that is most clearly seen by the way schools of fish curve in response to elements throughout an underwater landscape. Using stainless steel and ceramics, we aim to deliver this fluid beauty in its organic forms to your home and garden.
By selecting a fish species found in your area, our designs deliver a regional relevance that so many people are looking for when decorating their interior and exterior spaces. Our designs have the versatility to look as exceptional displayed across your mantel as they do schooling along your perennial beds. Schools of Fish in the Garden unify unrelated elements in your landscape creating a sculptural presence larger than the sum of its parts.
      With tails formed to the left and to the right our fish curve in response to landscape and architectural elements, contributing line, color and momentum. Interesting and colorful glazes add life and visual interest to every garden space or living room. Our designs look great in any numbers. No other home and garden accent has this modular quality. We invite you to explore our website or call our Maine studio with any questions. 

                                                                                                                    Tyson M. Weiss



Recent Press:

 2017 Guest artist on episode of 'Maine Cabin Masters' on DIY network

Shawna Coronando 2015 'Fish Garden Art For The Win'

Portland Press Herald  August 2012

Martha Stewart  August 2010 

Unity College January 2014

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Rhode Island Newspapers Feb 2011


On the Water    December 2013



Coastal Living 2013


American Society Of Landscape Architects - Peoples Choice Award 2013 



Northwest Flower Show 2016


 'Modern Family' Valentines Day Episode 2015


Booth at Philadelphia Flower Show 2017


Filming of a 'Made in Maine' episode by Channel 8 - 2016



Bring a flow of wind, “water” and harmony to any landscape — or even interior space — with Fish In The

Garden sculptures. The bright, flowing lines of our fish sculptures appeal to our natural and vital

connection with water, land and the many species that coinhabit our precious environment. Selecting

sculptures of fish that are native to a particular region adds local flair and relevance to any display. Our

graceful creations will harmonize all elements of a landscape or room, creating a sculptural presence

that seems as dynamic and freeflowing as water.


The best garden design elements are elegantly responsive. Dynamic arrangements of sculptures provide

a feeling of tranquility, peace, unity and community to landscaping. The visual effects are soothing, yet

the design possibilities provide exciting transformations.


When not “swimming” along perennial beds, our sculptures can immediately transform any indoor

space into a soothing aquatic environment. Display them along a fireplace mantel, a feature wall in a

home, or even in a huge office lobby or atrium. We craft a size and school for every scale.


Dazzling displays of color — luminous cobalt blue, fire orange, dabbled whites, gleaming orange spots,

piercing silver, sparkling glazes — all contribute to the appearance of visual interest and movement to

every garden space or interior room.


With tails formed to either the left or the right, Fish In The Garden sculptures express themselves in an

artful “language” that conveys motion. It’s easy to “school” them to perfectly match the shapes of

diverse landscapes and architectural elements. Channel the fish around a rock, through plantings ... and

back out again. Our sculptures — brushes, if you will — bring out the artist in every gardener or

decorator, and inspire every onlooker to gaze in childlike wonderment.


Our fish designs look great in any number. No other garden, home or office accent possesses this

custom modular advantage. New designs are continually in development, enabling “aquatic” gardens to

evolve — and delightfully surprise — over time.


Fish In The Garden provides the ultimate advantage of a “water feature” without the maintenance and

expense. Create the intimate feel of swimming with a school of fish in their underwater habitat. Follow

the delicate curves of the fish as they appear to move around gently swaying grasses and flowers.

Delight in the magical underwater illusion revealed above the earth. When sunlight hits the sculptures,

shafts of light shoot upward as if you were standing alongside a stream or river.


Our sculptures are exquisitely crafted of a variety of highquality materials. They are moderately priced,

somewhat above lowend polymers and plasters, and well below expensive garden sculptures of stone

and metals. They’re even more affordable than some small shrubs and trees.


Every thoughtfully designed component in the "school" reflects the hand of the artist. The sculptures are

handsculpted detail and handpainted. No two are exactly alike. Ten years of experience has evolved a

proprietary process to meet high demand and yet preserve our founding vision. There is no mass



Installation Installation in the garden is as easy as pushing two stakes in the ground. For metal wall

sculptures, a speciallydesigned 1inch hook positions them off the wall to allow light to play off the fish.

They’re as easy to mount as fastening a nail or screw into the wall.

Ceramic The colorful and delicatelooking ceramic fish are made from sturdy stoneware clay and fired

to around 2,200degrees Fahrenheit, a process that makes them able to withstand even Maine’s subzero

winter temperatures.

Metal Heavygauge, handcut stainless steel weathers the elements beautifully. In the summer,


shimmer with life and, in the winter, they form an organic partnership with the snow and ice.

Three is the magic number for creating a visual sense of movement in the landscape. Fish In The Garden

artistdesignerfounder Tyson Weiss explains: “One is a fish on a stick. Two is cute and romantic. Three

and more will create the flow.”