Kohaku koi with black


User Reviews

Kohaku Koi are beautiful

Posted by Kate Sanjar

The beautiful Kohaku koi set adds life to my zen garden!

YinYang Fish in Zen Garden

Posted by Kate Sanjar

The Yin-Yang koi fish are a beautiful addition to our zen garden, and they set the mood perfectly!

Another beautiful addition to the garden school

Posted by Tom Reed

I added this Koi with the Salsa to three other of different colors that I had purchased previously a few years ago and they are both the perfect addition to our garden school. Very well packed, fast shipment. Altogether a great product and we've had a lot of positive comments, since you can see our arrangement from the street. If this site allowed pictures to be posted, I would have loved to post one. Love these fish.

Now it’s possible to bring the serenity and vibrant colors of a Japanese Koi pond to a garden landscape instantly — without the maintenance and expense of a constructed water feature. Fish In The Garden’s ceramic Koi fish sculptures will appear to lazily cruise through pristine plantings as soon as they are unpacked. Like the real thing, they look delicate but are made of sturdy stoneware clay that has been fired to 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit. This strengthening process enables them to stand up to the fiercest winter and summer temperatures, while adding bright splashes of color to all types of landscapes. Buy the ceramic fish sculptures in multiples — three are ideal for conveying the impression of movement — and arrange them creatively to complete a relaxing environment.  

 --Each fish is roughly 18" L x 8" H " x 5 "W   - When measured along the center line, with some variation due to its handmade nature.

-Can stay out all year long.


-Will note fade in sunlight.


- Comes with 18" garden rod for garden installation