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Well made and very attractive!

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They look great in my garden

Perfect Gift for Father's Day

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This was an amazing present for our Dad on Father's Day and he loved the 3 Crystal Koi we got for him. The quality and artistry for each of these fish is beautiful, and they look wonderful swimming in his garden.

Great Retirement Gift

Posted by Betty

My co-workers and I purchased fish-in-the-garden for our boss as a retirement gift. She enjoys gardening and landscaping and was moving to a new home in Delaware. She absolutely loved the fish and will be sending us pictures after she places them in her new garden. She was so excited as they were so beautiful and unique.


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Koi are large and beautiful.

Unusual Swimming Fish in the Garden

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These lovely fish are handmade to order and the new colors are exquisite. They are now swimming among my garden plants and shrubs. The fish had many wonderful comments during a local garden tour, which my garden was one showcased.

Fantastic Unique Look

Posted by Dan Tierney

I got 4 and each one is very unique and beautiful. They are large and vibrant and really stand out in the garden. Look great together espcially when the sun hits them.

The NEW Crystal koi is the most beautiful color option to come out of this studio. Overall it looks blue and upon a closer look you may see green, orange, blue/purple like the inside of a mussel shell and maybe even pink! 


-Comes with 18" stand for garden installation.

- Can stay outdoors all year long.

- There is a tail left and tail right variation- we always ship them 50/50 or    1/3  - 2/3 when ordering in odd numbers. 

-They do look best in schools of 3 or more. 

- Can ship out in 1-3 days. 

-18" L x 8" H " x 5 "W   - When measured along the center line, with some variation due to the handmade nature of the fish.