New Blue Crystal koi


The NEW Crystal koi is the most beautiful color option to come out of this studio. Overall it looks blue and upon a closer look you may see green, orange, blue/purple like the inside of a mussel shell and maybe even pink! 


-Comes with 18" stand for garden installation.

- Can stay outdoors all year long.

- There is a tail left and tail right variation- we always ship them 50/50 or    1/3  - 2/3 when ordering in odd numbers. 

-They do look best in schools of 3 or more. 

- Can ship out in 1-3 days. 

-18" L x 8" H " x 5 "W   - When measured along the center line, with some variation due to the handmade nature of the fish.

Shipping Cost:
Calculated at Checkout
5.00 LBS