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Small Celestial Koi


Searching for a creative gift idea? This dreamy celestial koi is the perfect gift for that special garden enthusiast on your list. With its dreamy blue hues and wavy physique, this fish art is a sure conversation starter. This gorgeous garden ornament will look fabulous in any landscape or nestled in a potted plant. In a school or by itself, this fish will ensure a beautiful focal point anywhere.


Each fish is handmade and glazed in Maine. Due to the creative process in which the fish are crafted, there may be slight variations to their color and exact size, making each fish a truly unique element in any landscape. Approximate measurements are taken along the center line of the fish.

All fish are all-weather proof and can be displayed outdoors 365 days a year without risk of cracking or fading. Although fish are fully submersible, fish should be removed from water before water freezes.

Each fish comes with an 16” steel garden mounting rod.

Fish are available in both tail directions – we always ship them 50/50 or 1/3 - 2/3 when ordering in odd numbers.

Fish sold individually. [ITEM SPECIFICATIONS]

Dimensions: 10"L 3" W 4"H

 Weight: 2 lbs

Shipping Cost:
Calculated at Checkout
3.00 LBS