23" Stainless Steel Bass for Walls Metal Sculpture


This 23" Stainless Steel Wall Bass sculpture is handmade in Maine using high-quality rust-proof stainless steel, and then burnished to a shine. Includes two 1” hang tabs on the back that can be used to hang the sculpture on any wall – interior or exterior.

This gleaming stainless steel bass sculpture attracts attention hanging from any vertical surface, inside or out, all year long. The 1'' easy-to-use hang tab on the back holds the fish a generous inch away from the wall, allowing the sculpture to cast a shadow that follows the sun, adding to the illusion of motion. You can also enhance a sense of flow and movement by gently bending and slightly curving the stainless steel of the body.

This 23" Stainless Steel Wall Bass is sold individually.

Please note:
This Stainless Steel Wall Bass is 23" long, and looks best in a school with the 30” and 35” bass. Please call (207)-797-2988 or email to customize a large school.

Fish in the Garden stainless steel sculptures

  • Made by Maine artist, Tyson M. Weiss in Windham, Maine

  • Nearly indestructible – leave out all year long – will not rust

  • Burnished finish is permanent and does not fade through the seasons

  • Different by design – each stainless steel bass sculpture is crafted and finished by hand, so the details of each finished garden sculpture vary slightly

How to display your fish

  • Mount these smiling beauties anywhere you want to see a whimsical flash of fish art.

  • Place your stainless steel hanging wall sculptures on the side of your house, over a fireplace, on the exterior of a greenhouse, schooling up a staircase, over your garage doors… They can “swim” across virtually any vertical surface.

  • Displaying your stainless steel fish in groups of 3+ more creates the most fluid look and has the biggest visual impact

  • Grow your school – the more fish you have, the better your display will look

Shipping Cost:
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2.00 LBS