23" Stainless steel bass for Walls Metal Sculpture


User Reviews

A great decoration for a fisherman!

Posted by michele

I bought this as a gift for my husband. He is so difficult to buy for because he really doesn't want or need much of anything at this point in life! But he loves to fish and his face lit up right away when he saw this gift. It is now prominently displayed on our house. I thought it was pricey but it was worth it.

Beautiful piece of art

Posted by undefined

I bought this for my wife for Christmas as she wanted to hang a fish on the outside of our home. Even though I ordered it at the last minute, it arrived in time and she loves it! The only "downside" is now we both want more!

Looks Great!

Posted by Kevin B

The subtle bends on the fins and body give it dimension, and the shape is true to a real striped bass. Looks great on my cedar fence with a second striper and a mackerel. Looking forward to seeing how they age and weather. Great gift for a striper fisherman. Nice enough to hang inside, even in an office.

23" Stainless steel bass for any interior or exterior wall. has specially designed 'hanger' on the back that keeps it 1" off the wall so you get a bigger fish shadow behind it depending on the light source. 




Like their ground-hugging garden relatives, the bass, salmon and


tarpon stainless-steel wall fish attract attention hanging from any


vertical surface — inside or outside — with bodies that glisten as if


viewed through crystalline water. Easy-to-use tabs on the back of the


sculptures hold the fish one inch off the wall so sunlight striking them


will cast a larger shadow that follows the sun, adding to the illusion of


motion. Put together a school of three and there will be times during the


day that it will appear a half-dozen have gathered! There’s no need to


worry about wear and tear. They’re created to last and won’t rust. It’s


easy to move them around to create different patterns.