Little Fishies - Salsa Red


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3 small salsa fish

Posted by Kristen

Love these salsa colored fish! I already owned 3 small cobalt fish & enjoy glimpsing them in my side garden, so I decided to grab these salsa colored ones for a different garden. They’ll go well weaving in & out of my flag iris. Also, these would make an awesome holiday gift for someone! The order arrived quicker than expected & safely packaged.


Posted by DMH

Just got my little school of salsa fishes. Oh they are pretty! I can't wait for my better half to come home and we figure out the best place for them in my rock river. Asked for more from my mom for Christmas. I just love them.


Posted by Tawnya

I have them swimming around my Mexican Petunias. They really make the garden pop!

Love these little guys!!

Posted by Sarah L.

So I could not decide on a set color of three, I ended up ordering three with varying shades of the bright orange, three with the blue, and three larger light blue. They are all so beautiful and look amazing in the flower gardens. Even the humming birds take a close look at them! I will definitely be purchasing more for gifts through the holidays for friends and family. The only hard thing is to give them away- I want to keep them all!!

School in the garden

Posted by frank siddons

We purchased 3 small blue fish at the Flower Show in Philadelphia earlier this year. After placing them in our garden we realized we needed more. Our recent purchase of three red small fish now rounds out the school swimming towards the pond in our yard. The fish are quite unique, very well made and add a nice whimsical touch.

Gift for son in-law.

Posted by Rae

Received a thank you card from my son in-law, he lives in Wasilla Alaska and is waiting for the snow to melt before staging his gold fish. States they will be a great addition to his plantings around his waterfall pond.

Beautiful and fits well in my garden

Posted by Shahla BUTLER

We have a large koi pond and 4 different sets of these fish. One is a set of three large Koi, who are in the flower beds moving toward the pond. Another is a set of two trout that are moving away on the opposite side and are surrounded by flowers. Then we have a set of three stainless fish that are on the garden wall, and finally the small fishies that are surrounding s smaller pond, and adding color to its surroundings. We love them all. They add to the beauty of the pond and garden.

fun fun

Posted by Cheryl Bancroft

The fish is wonderful fun to see among the garden flowers. I was initially disappointed because I thought I was ordering 2 or 3 little " fishies", but the price was for only one. But it's colorful presence convinced me to keep it despite its rather pricy tag. I smile every time I see it.

very nice

Posted by mary dangelo

The salsa fishes look great

Love the fishies

Posted by M. Ann Hellmann

The salsa fishies give an added splash of color to the part of the garden where the flowering has already finished. They look absolutely fabulous.

Little Fishies

Posted by undefined

There could be a little more detail on them...however the color is great.

serendipity finding

Posted by Rhonda Molin

The folks from Fish in the Garden sure are generous! When I opened my order for the small fishes, they had upgraded them to medium at no extra charge! Also, saw them at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which really makes my garden proud!

Best gift for garden lover!!

Posted by Jenna Larson

I purchased 3 of these fish for my parents for Christmas. They have a beautiful hosta garden, and the fish will look beautiful in it! The absolutely loved their gift. Very nicely crafted & the colors are vibrant and beautiful. Very fast shipping and was packaged perfectly. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

We gave three fish as a gift

Posted by Diana D. Kornet our sister and brother-in-law who live in Del Mar...he loves fly fishing, and she is a landscape designer – needless to say, it was a big hit!

my fish gave found a home among the hostas

Posted by undefined

I so enjoy the newest addition to my garden. I bought a set of salsa red fishes for my sister too !

 Averages 10" Long, 4.25" High, 3" Wide. Lots of variation due to the handmade nature of the fish

-The come with a 16" long steel rod for garden installation.

They are $30 each and look best in schools of 3 or more.

Can be left out all year long.