Brown Trout Garden Art (Sold Individually)


This Brown Trout Garden Art (sold individually) is hand glazed with a natural brown body and black, red and blue speckles running along each side. Each sculpture is sold individually and measures 18" x 8" x 5". Includes a 18” garden stake for easy mounting.

Any freshwater fisherman (fisherperson?) will tell you that brown trout are extremely shy. Let art imitate nature, and position one in a quiet corner of your garden as a charming garden detail – or arrange a school of 3 or more for a realistic fluid effect and dramatic focal point in your garden landscape.

This Brown Trout Garden Art is sold individually.

Fish in the Garden ceramic garden trout sculptures

  • Made by Maine artist, Tyson M. Weiss in Windham, Maine
  • Durable – leave out all year long
  • Color is permanent and does not fade through the seasons
  • Each trout sculpture includes a steel garden stake that nestles neatly into the dorsal fin for easy installation
  • Can be placed underwater (just be sure to remove them before your water feature freezes in winter!)
  • Different by design – each ceramic trout is handmade and glazed by hand, so the details of each finished garden sculpture vary slightly
  • Each order also includes illustrated installation recommendations

Garden design – how to display your fish

  • Place your trout sculpture along a dry creek bed, nestled in a pond, curving around trees, meandering across a landscape feature… anywhere you want to update your garden design with a pop of color
  • Displaying your ceramic trout in groups of 3+ more creates the most fluid look and has the biggest visual impact
  • Fish are available in both tail directions – they are shipped 50/50 when ordered in even numbers or 1/3 - 2/3 when ordered in odd numbers.
  • Grow your school – the more fish you have, the better your display will look
Shipping Cost:
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4.00 LBS
18.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
5.00 (in)