Brown Trout Garden Art (sold individually)


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Fish are spawning

Posted by Marie

Beautiful artistic works of art for the garden!

5th Fish, All Great

Posted by Ken Lerner

Have purchased 5 of these fish (all different styles) over the years, one seems nicer than the next. We are in love with this brown trout. Having some outside work done so we moved them indoors to protect them and they look great inside as well. Very pleased.

3 Beautiful Brown Trout are the perfect gift for any freshwater fisherman. 




In their natural habitat, wild trout will find still pools in the steam and gently maneuver to catch drifting food — it's fascinating to watch. The five varieties of ceramic trout sculptures offered by Fish In The Garden bring that same sense of fascination to all plantings and landscapes. The joy of installation is in exploring the many arrangements that are possible. First, lightly press the mounting rod into the soil. When you have decided on a schooling configuration that enhances your garden, simply press the mounting rods more firmly into the soil. The result will be an aquatic scene reminiscent of an actual wilderness environment. The stoneware-clay sculpture, fired to 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit, is as durable as it is beautiful, and can withstand severe winter and summer conditions.




 -Can stay out all year long.


 -Will note fade in sunlight.


 - Comes with 18" garden rod for garden installation


 - -Each fish is roughly 18" L x 8" H " x 5 "W   - When measured along the center line, with some variation due to its handmade nature.