Set of 3 Warm colored koi - Garden Art


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Beautiful !!!

Posted by Sherri

Perfect for your backyard oasis!

Warm koI fish

Posted by Chris

These are lovely! My husband purchased 3 koi for me for Mothers Day and told me he would love to get some as a gift for Father's Day! A tradition has begun! We have so much fun placing the fish in the garden and are looking forward to adding even more! Thank you!

Absolutely love these!

Posted by Sayliz

They are the perfect memorial for our orange cat. I liked them some much I now have 9 others elsewhere in my garden. And I have another spot or two that may need some more.


Posted by undefined

very pleased!

A Birthday HIt!

Posted by Frederick Hoxie

My wife's birthday is the day after Christmas. Not only does "her day" come after everyone is weary of celebration, but when I am just out of ideas for a present. We saw some "fish" at a gallery in Door County last fall and the image of those koi just wouldn't leave me. I set them up in our dreary, snowy garden on the morning of her birthday and they just gleamed with color and movement. The present was a hit! My children warn me not to fill the garden up with fish....






Now it’s possible to bring the serenity and vibrant colors of a Japanese Koi pond to a garden landscape instantly — without the maintenance and expense of a constructed water feature. Fish In The Garden’s ceramic Koi fish sculptures will appear to lazily cruise through pristine plantings as soon as they are unpacked. Like the real thing, they look delicate but are made of sturdy stoneware clay that has been fired to 2,200-degrees Fahrenheit. This strengthening process enables them to stand up to the fiercest winter and summer temperatures, while adding bright splashes of color to all types of landscapes. Buy the ceramic fish sculptures in multiples — three are ideal for conveying the impression of movement — and arrange them creatively to complete a relaxing environment.  


-Can stay out all year long.


-Will note fade in sunlight.


- Comes with 18" garden rod for garden installation


- -Each fish is roughly 18" L x 8" H " x 5 "W   - When measured along the center line, with some variation due to its handmade nature.