Opal Koi Garden Art


This Opal Koi Garden Art is hand glazed a permanent light blue, and is sold individually. Each handmade sculpture measures 15" x 7" x 5" and includes an 18” garden stake for easy mounting.

Place a calming focal point in your garden landscape with a whimsical Opal Koi. The soft tones and graceful flow of these fish will add a unique sense of relaxation to any garden landscape. Place a group of three or more of these unique garden ornaments for a fluid aesthetic from one species of flora to the next. Give the impression of a meandering creek by placing a school in a gravel rock bed. No matter where these dreamy fish are planted, they will be sure to bring peace to their surroundings.

This Opal Koi Garden Art is sold individually.

Fish in the Garden ceramic koi sculptures

  • Made by Maine artist, Tyson M. Weiss in Windham, Maine
  • Durable – leave out all year long
  • Color is permanent and does not fade through the seasons
  • Each koi sculpture includes a steel garden stake that nestles neatly into the dorsal fin for easy installation
  • Can be placed underwater (just be sure to remove them before your water feature freezes in winter!)
  • Different by design – each ceramic koi fish is handmade and glazed by hand, so the details of each finished garden sculpture vary slightly
  • Each order also includes illustrated installation recommendations

Garden design – how to display your Opal Koi Garden Art

  • Place your koi sculpture along a dry creek bed, nestled in a pond, curving around trees, meandering across a landscape feature… anywhere you want to update your garden design with a pop of color
  • Displaying your ceramic koi in groups of 3+ more creates the most fluid look and has the biggest visual impact
  • Fish are available in both tail directions – they are shipped 50/50 when ordered in even numbers or 1/3 - 2/3 when ordered in odd numbers.
  • Grow your school – the more fish you have, the better your display will look
Shipping Cost:
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5.00 LBS
15.00 (in)
7.00 (in)
5.00 (in)